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I used to blog a lot. My old Journal is fire_and_icicle @ LJ.

There are few things that don't interest me. Different perspectives and all that. If you like, go ahead and friend me, I will almost certainly friend you back.


*waves* Twenty-something European woman who can't imagine life without her cats, Tori Amos, that amazing Vietnamese restaurant and [insert current fannish obsession here]. I'm often ditzy.

My life is definitely not how I thought it would be when I was a child/teenager, yet everything turned out as I always envisioned it. Sounds like an oxymoron, but it isn't.
I'm surrounded by art. Books and language play a huge part in my life. I'm a dreamer, a political hippie. I believe in kindness and peace. I'm of the "so open-minded your brain will fall out" variety (and a bit proud of it).

Life is a struggle. Life is hard. I wish it wasn't. I know what depression and anxiety are.

I'm an approved-by-Pottermore Ravenclaw -- which screams WRONNNNG to me, because I always considered myself a wannabe-Slytherin who got sorted into Gryffindor yet should be in Hufflepuff.
Why, yes, Harry Potter is my life, thank you very much.

I hate academia with a passion, I'm so glad I'm out of school. Still, I feel like my life somehow won't be complete without a PhD.

I'm queer.
I'm agnostic.

I work two part time jobs in a semi-large college town.

English is obviously not my native language. Please correct me if you must, I always try to improve my English. (It is not "try improving my English", right? Or is it? *confused* No, probably not.)

//May 9th 2012

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100 pounds, \o/, a series of unfortunate events, abby winters, absolutely fabulous, academy awards, age gaps, alice in wonderland, anxiety disorders, arrested development, audrey kawasaki, beatrice, berlin, billy elliot, boys and girls, but in dreams, california, cosmia, dartmoor, deakins, depression, devon, domian, eclecticism, ed harris, eddie izzard, evanescence, extras, eyes wide shut, fandom_wank, fearlessness, fitness, frida kahlo, gegensätze, gewitter, glücklich sein, gothic, hans christian andersen, harry potter and the deathly hallows, hercule poirot, him, hinterhöfe, his dark materials, hogwarts houses, hornblower, hotels, huge tracts of land, icons, imagine, inanna, inglourious basterds, j.k. rowling, jamie oliver, joe biden, jonathan strange & mr norrell, jostein gaarder, kafka, kate nash, kit snicket/count olaf, kochen, kritisch, lady in the water,, laurence fox, law and order: svu, lennie briscoe, like maybe, liv tyler, lol twilight, london, lord of the rings, lost, lost in austen, loveology, master and commander, mermaids and swallows, midsomer murders, monty python, more cowbell, nabokov, nice cardassians, opera browser, orlando bloom, philip glass, pj harvey, poirot, regina spektor, sherlock holmes, singen, sommerabende, sophie scholl, soundtracks, star trek, star trek: deep space nine, stargate: atlantis, stephen daldry, stürme, super size me, sweeney todd, the beekeeper, the clash, the deathly hallows, the hours, the office, tiere, tori amos, tuck & patti, uh huh her, un ballo in maschera, unbirthday parties, unbirthdays, vaginapagina, verdana, verschwinden, vfd, white chalk, wissen, woodstock festival, yu
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